Who is Lark In The Dark?

I was struggling to find a username for my WordPress account.  My usual screen names were taken.    Inspiration struck, ‘Lark In The Dark’, low and behold the name was available in WordPress.  I began blogging.  As a Witch I work a lot with animal spirits.  In the moment I faintly wondered at the inspiration, butContinue reading “Who is Lark In The Dark?”


I began to have severe short-term memory problems.  I went to see the doctor concerned that I had some kind of brain disease.  Imaging showed a physiologically perfect brain.   This was a good news/bad news result.   I don’t have brain disease (good news).   The cause of the short-term memory problems was unknown (bad news). 

In The Beginning

I had married a military man and had moved away from Colorado to Alaska.   I was in the midst of an identity crises – literally.   My first marriage was in its death throes and I was …  empty. I had no sense of identity and was suicidal, again.  I went to see a psychologist.  IContinue reading “In The Beginning”