Journal January 2020

Our experience with Facebook DID groups is that the group seems to function how we imagine group therapy to be. We are posting here our side of conversations we have participated in or posts that we have started as a way of trying to understand what is happening with us.

January 5; incontinence and dissociation

Post 1

There is a reference to something pertinent to this in the book, The Body Keeps The Score. We have experienced something similar as well. I need to go for now. Will come back in a bit to say more. Our experience is this could be both or either a physiological response to dissociation stress or the inadvertent bladder release of a young one.

Post 2

What I was trying to recall from The Body Keeps The Score is called the vagus nerve. I’m loosely paraphrasing. The nerve runs from the oldest part of the brain (fight, flight, or freeze) to below the diaphragm and around kidneys and bowels. When the freeze part of the brain gets triggered it can cause a bladder or bowel release. Our most recent experience with this was when my first young one aspect came forward for healing I began to have more persistent trouble with peeing myself- specifically in the bath but other times as well. When we were done working the trauma the peeing myself became less persistent and ended specific to the bath.

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In the 1990's I was diagnosed with Fractured Personality Disorder. I successfully integrated. Earlier this year (2019) a series of events have me dealing with dissociated states again. Fractured Personality Disorder is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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